Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to Blogging

Hi Peeps!!! Or hi to no one.

I'm back to blogspot after 4 years of inactive. From reading my previous post, I realize that I have grown up so much compare to those days. Is like seeing the younger side of me XD

Well, what prompted me to blog again?

One main reason, EXPERIENCE.

I realize that there are so many food blogs around giving good review or normal review of restaurant and cafe. Usually the comment give are good or average. However some times it may not be all. I personally had experienced numerous horrible incident at restaurant where food serve are not cooked, bad service, and dirty environment. However, I realize there are only few bloggers which blogs about these bad experience.

I realized that generally Malaysian are easily satisfied with things or sometimes we are unhappy but we tend to forget and forgive easily. Seeing that,I decided to start blogging again to share out my experience to people. Hopefully I can help others by sharing my experience here =)

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