Saturday, July 20, 2013

Screening Problem at Cinema ( REFUND)

Have you experience any problem while watching movie at cinema?

Problems such as audio, curtain, screen, pixar, air condition and etc.

Well, I have. In fact, not once but actually multiple times. I have experienced having something wrong with the screen and the screen is blur out for a few minutes but it was fixed immediately. The first few experience is not that bad because the technician fixed it immediately after complaints. However, something happened recently that made me write this blog post.

2 weeks ago, I went to watched Despicable Me 2 with a friend of mine. Well, for a movie goer, we all commonly new that after the trailer and commercial, the curtain will be widen up before the movie was shown. However, this time the curtain doesn't widen up. So imagine, watching a show with 2 character is talking you can see them but you can't see the full of their because it is cover by the curtain or there is 500 minion there but some is cover by the curtain. You might say is not that bad, cause well, the trailer is like that.

After realizing the problem, I decide to walk out and inform the staff. So I tell the stuff the problem and even specified the screen no. TWICE!! Twice, I told them Screen TIGA. Even in Malay. So I went back and expect something will be done to solve the problem. I waited. Waited..... until the shows end nothing has been done. The most ironic thing is there are actually 120 people in the cinema and nobody actually bothered about the problem. Yeah, maybe you think that this is a small problem and it doesn't worth for you to go out and inform the staff. Well, there you have it.

Generally most Malaysian (I say Most)seems to think that this is not a problem. We are constantly too satisfied with things. We have a tendency to be mad and something, scold at it but in the end we will forget about it and eventually IGNORED it. This should not be the attitude we should be having. If we really care about something, we should make things right. Yeah, maybe you think that is okay, other people will go do it, Why do I have to waste my time? Well guess what? If you are not going to make changes yourself do not expect other people will do it for you.

So, after the show I am actually very pissed at the cinema. So, I went back and wrote a feedback at their website stating the full details. So I waited for 3 workings day. After 3 workings day, there's still no response. So I wrote an email to expressed how disappointed I am towards their service and I want a refund.

The power of EMAIL! They called me the next day and say that they will give me a full refund without any further questioning. They asked for my reservation code and say they will bank in to my account. Well, since they actually did reply me promptly so I decide not to disclose their name here.

So a little guideline on how to file a complain:
1. Remember all the detail, if possible keep the receipts.
2. Check their website for contact whether email or hotline.
3. Choose which ways of contact you would like. If you want to settle immediately, CALL. If you want something that require longer process, I would suggest EMAIL. Cause usually call will end up it email anyway.
4. Write and attach all your details.
5. For Calls, asked for the personnel name and if possible their extention line. You don't want to be pass around like a dummy. For email, make sure the person you are contacting with understand your situation, if not request to be transferred to another colleague.
6. Reasoned with them if they doesn't comply with you. Always remember: Consumer always has the bigger rights and you are protected.
7. If they reply you and give their apologies the process should be done by now. If not write an angry email or just post your problem on their facebook page.

So PEOPLE or should I say MALAYSIANS!! Don't think that it doesn't matter to you. It does matter. You have your rights as a consumer and you should get what you paid for. Never never ever think of "AIYAH, never mind", "Small matter".


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