Friday, August 16, 2013

Am I a good neighbor?

I'm back after 2 weeks of hiatus. Have been hesitating whether to update any blog post for the last two weeks due to exam and test. Well, I have still two more days to go yet I miss blogging so much that I have to blog about this.

Well, I have spoke to a few of my friend regarding issues and conflict between neighbor. So in simple english neighbor means someone living next door.

I have great neighbor. The one on my left and the one on my right have been staying there for the past 20 years and we have been living in harmony since there. One of my best friend for 15 years have also living next few doors

However, not every neighbor are friendly. I have met friendly neighbor and selfish neighbor. I would say both contrast a lot and you wished that you would never ever meet a later one. BUT, how not to meet a selfish neighbor if I myself am one.

I have been pondering this question for awhile. Christianity teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves, DO WE? I may not know what other religion teaching but I believe that all religion teach us to be good.

So I found out a list of common arguments between neighbor:
1) Car Parking (slightly blocking)
2) Design of house ( color, floor, gate)
3) Plants (silly argument ever, saying that your plants went over their line)
4) Noise
5) Somehow DON'T LIKE anyone
6) Gossip

Well I can totally understand car parking as is quite annoying to have some other people car parking infront of your house blocking. Many action have been taken and most notable one is the appearance of tong and cones. I remember when I was 10 years old and someone park in front of my house. I get so pissed that I told my mum that I will placed a tong and even draw lines.

Thinking back 10 years later, I can see how immature I am and laugh at it as if it is a joke tell by a ten years old. HOWEVER, I've seen this actually happened at my residential area. Tong and Cones have been something common but lines?? Well, white lines still okay, ORANGE LINE. I'm like what a graffiti being draw on the street.
Human are selfish!! They care only for themselves but I always believe that whatever action you have done will come back to you one day.

So treating your neighbor nice doesn't harm anyone at all. In fact it might be helpful in the future.

So just a small message I want to convey here. Know your neighbor, greet them and give them a smile =) Your life will not turn bad by doing these small act.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Planning for Higher Education = Planning for a trip

As a student myself, I know that choosing what to further study is one of the hardest decision to make. I myself have also been through a lot during the process and understand how difficult is it. I have talked to a lot of people and find out a lot of information.

So to make it easy, planning for higher education is like planning for a trip.


This is the most basic thing you will think of when you are planning a trip.

Where? Where do you want to see yourself in in 5 to 10 years time? This is important. You have to take some time and think of where are you going to been in 5 to 10 years time.

Will I be in an office facing the computer?
Will I be outside talking to customer or client?
Will I be doing research in a company?
Will I be treating patient in a hospital?

This is the first and most important step. You are the only person that understand yourself. No one will understand what you want. So this is important to decide where you see yourself in the future.


What to do in a trip? Sightseeing, eating, relaxing.

It is important to choose what subject you want to pursue. I believe this is the hardest part. During high school, we are given choice of Art and Science stream. But when it comes to higher education you are given so many choices and the hardest part is sometime we don't even know such choices existed.

The most dangerous thing is, what we think we like is what we want to do in the future.However, I'm telling you that this is not the case. I've heard a lot of people claimed that they like maths and say accounting is their choice. Technically maths is maths, accounting is accounting. Generally this is two different things and one does not lead to the other. Same goes to science, you are good in studies and score well in your studies, generally the elder would give advice to pursue something related to science.

Just a reminder, SPM Physics, Biology and Chemistry is something general. At that stage most of our study method is memorizing instead of understanding. Scoring well in SPM doesn't means that you are good or talented in that area. I hate to say this but our education system in Malaysia is, if you have that key words in the marking scheme, you are an A+ student.

So a suggestion here, before picking a course check what is the subject in the course. Is it what you want to study about and is this your interest? Find good alternative and compare.


Who to go to a trip with? Friends, family.

Sometimes who do we go on a trip with can affect the trip entirely.

Same goes when making a decision to further studies. Who are we furthering study for? Ourself or for our parents? I realise a lot of people made the wrong decision because they study for the wrong reason.

Parents is one of the biggest influence in our lives. They basically made most of the decision of our life since we are born till now. When it comes to studies, our parents play a big part. Some parents might allowed you to make our own decision while some parents will make decision which they see is the best for us.I am disagreeing the fact that parents made the wrong decision but sometimes is not what we want.

In the end, this is a trip you are going on your own and the consequences or decision made is something you have to face it. So, take some time and think what you want before making any decision. Made sure that it is not only what your friends and family members wanted, but is also what you want as well.

Talk to your parents. Ask for advice. If what they tell you is different from what you want, discuss with them and tell them your thoughts.


This is the most headache question.

Many people think is not important but yet this is the deciding factor of all things. First, ask your parents their budget. If their budget is sufficient for you to pursue what you want, they this shouldn't be a problem. However, if there are limited funds available then this would be a harder choice to make.

Some people think that is worth to spend on a degree but some people think is just a paper. It depends on how you view it.

Ask your parents for the exact amount they save for you for further studies. Check it and see whether is sufficient to fund for the subject you want to study. If is not enough, check whether PTPTN loan will grant loan for this course. If PTPTN grant loan, how much for that specific course.

Check is there any scholarship available. If scholarship is available, do they cover only tuition fee or inclusive of other miscellaneous fee.


Passport is something essential for travelling. A degree is like a passport. With a passport, you can go to wherever you want. However, there are some places that you can't travel even with a passport, you need to have visa. Without a passport you will just be staying in

Same goes for a degree, if you have an accounting degree is impossible to go for a medicine career. It is important to know what document you need to pursue the career you want in the future.

So make sure that your degree is accredited and recognise by the government of Malaysia. If is a professional course make sure that it is link to the professional bodies and there is maximum exemption for the course.

Make sure the degree you get is from a trustworthy university with good reputation.

So basically this is the rough idea on how to plan for your higher education. This is the basic things you need to know before rushing in to decision. I hope that this would be a great help for school leavers. Spend time to ponder on this few question and I think this will help to narrow down your decision.

I am going to talk about what is the path available in my next blog post. So see you then =)


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Pictures and illustration are all taken from online sources.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Screening Problem at Cinema ( REFUND)

Have you experience any problem while watching movie at cinema?

Problems such as audio, curtain, screen, pixar, air condition and etc.

Well, I have. In fact, not once but actually multiple times. I have experienced having something wrong with the screen and the screen is blur out for a few minutes but it was fixed immediately. The first few experience is not that bad because the technician fixed it immediately after complaints. However, something happened recently that made me write this blog post.

2 weeks ago, I went to watched Despicable Me 2 with a friend of mine. Well, for a movie goer, we all commonly new that after the trailer and commercial, the curtain will be widen up before the movie was shown. However, this time the curtain doesn't widen up. So imagine, watching a show with 2 character is talking you can see them but you can't see the full of their because it is cover by the curtain or there is 500 minion there but some is cover by the curtain. You might say is not that bad, cause well, the trailer is like that.

After realizing the problem, I decide to walk out and inform the staff. So I tell the stuff the problem and even specified the screen no. TWICE!! Twice, I told them Screen TIGA. Even in Malay. So I went back and expect something will be done to solve the problem. I waited. Waited..... until the shows end nothing has been done. The most ironic thing is there are actually 120 people in the cinema and nobody actually bothered about the problem. Yeah, maybe you think that this is a small problem and it doesn't worth for you to go out and inform the staff. Well, there you have it.

Generally most Malaysian (I say Most)seems to think that this is not a problem. We are constantly too satisfied with things. We have a tendency to be mad and something, scold at it but in the end we will forget about it and eventually IGNORED it. This should not be the attitude we should be having. If we really care about something, we should make things right. Yeah, maybe you think that is okay, other people will go do it, Why do I have to waste my time? Well guess what? If you are not going to make changes yourself do not expect other people will do it for you.

So, after the show I am actually very pissed at the cinema. So, I went back and wrote a feedback at their website stating the full details. So I waited for 3 workings day. After 3 workings day, there's still no response. So I wrote an email to expressed how disappointed I am towards their service and I want a refund.

The power of EMAIL! They called me the next day and say that they will give me a full refund without any further questioning. They asked for my reservation code and say they will bank in to my account. Well, since they actually did reply me promptly so I decide not to disclose their name here.

So a little guideline on how to file a complain:
1. Remember all the detail, if possible keep the receipts.
2. Check their website for contact whether email or hotline.
3. Choose which ways of contact you would like. If you want to settle immediately, CALL. If you want something that require longer process, I would suggest EMAIL. Cause usually call will end up it email anyway.
4. Write and attach all your details.
5. For Calls, asked for the personnel name and if possible their extention line. You don't want to be pass around like a dummy. For email, make sure the person you are contacting with understand your situation, if not request to be transferred to another colleague.
6. Reasoned with them if they doesn't comply with you. Always remember: Consumer always has the bigger rights and you are protected.
7. If they reply you and give their apologies the process should be done by now. If not write an angry email or just post your problem on their facebook page.

So PEOPLE or should I say MALAYSIANS!! Don't think that it doesn't matter to you. It does matter. You have your rights as a consumer and you should get what you paid for. Never never ever think of "AIYAH, never mind", "Small matter".


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samsung Le Fluer Mother Day Contest

Well, I am a contest person which mean I love to enter into contest especially facebook contest or radiostation contest.

During April, there's a contest organise by Samsung to celebrate the event of Mother's Day. Is about writing about how great your mother and inspirational to you and you might stand a chance to win a special edition phone and RM500 shopping voucher.

Well, usually when we enter contest we are ask to give out our personal information which includes phone number and identification card number. So whenever I decide to disclose my information to these firms I will actually be cautious and make sure that they are firms that are reliable.

So my sister decide to enter this contest and actually won the weekly prize of RM500 shopping voucher!! We are so happy and anticipating what kind of voucher that we will be getting.

So we waited for them to contact, but there have been some delay until this recent weeks they ask my sister to go to their firm to collect. It turn out to be a famous advertising firm Leo Burnett located at Wisma Olympian is the organiser for this event.

So on Monday, we went to collect the prize. I went up to their office and look for the person in charge. The person came and meet us and asked us to wait for a moment while she went in to take the prize.

WE WAITED!!! FOR 20 MINUTES!!! I'm starting to get annoyed seeing one of their employee happily playing snooker (Yeah, they have a snooker table in their office) while I haven been waiting for so LONG!!

So I went up to the receptionist and ask her to contact the PIC. Her phone is engaged and we managed to get through after a few calls. She came immediately and pass me the confirmation of receipt paper and I can leave. FOR 20 minutes I have wasted just because you are on the line. I may look like I am around 20 years old but it doesn't mean that you can ask me to wait for 20 minutes without any notice. I felt that I was seriously insulted just because I am younger but I decide not to waste any time and just leave that place immediately.

After I left, I checked what is in the envelope. It is a RM500 Salvatore Ferragamo. So we went to the nearest outlet to check and see what we can get. We already expect that we may have to fork out extra few hundred bucks to get something. But when we went it, we found out that every thing in the store is above RM1000 and the only thing you can get with RM500 is just a Ferragamo KEY CHAIN!!!


Well, nothing can be done because for contest most terms and condition is clearly stated and nothing we can do to argue with the terms set by the firm.

But this blog post is to tell the how public how deceiving contest can be. Even big company like Samsung and Leo Burnett. Is illogical to give out gift when you have to fork out extra 100% of what the gift worth to get something. For me this is a useless piece of paper. People expect to get some rewards by liking your facebook page and giving you personal information. But this type of reward? I rather you don't give me anything cause it doesn't worth at all. When you mention SHOPPING VOUCHER there is a broad definition. SO PLEASE SIGNIFY what exact voucher you want to give, branded voucher, jusco voucher or whatever. Don't mention SHOPPING voucher and give a LUXURY store voucher. You are basically wasting my time to like, comment, share, and to collect that useless piece of paper.

So to people out there are CONTEST AND SWEEPSTAKES that can win you something but you must beware of these few rules:
1. From a firm that you can really believe
2. Check what is the contest about, if it requires you to purchased then try to avoid it
3. Check what is the gift and if no detail being disclose check their terms or contact them
4. Try not to disclose your personal information if you have no confidence or you are just playing for fun
5. Don't go and select the newsletter option if you don't want to have your email full of junk
6. After the contest ended, delete the application from your facebook application settings, you don't want your facebook to be link to these account anymore.
7. Please read the terms and condition, and some firms actually allowed option where you can choose to protect your personal details.

and note to Samsung and Leo Burnett, you have really disappointed me.


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Rendezvous Steak House (Cheras Branch)

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to the Rendezvous Steak House at Cheras to have our dinner.

Basically the environment there is great and the design is unique and special.

ps: I'm not an active instagramer so I don't have any pictures to show.

To cut the story short, the dinner was great as their food taste good especiall their Fried Cheese Chicken. Their drink is abit more pricey so I would recommend you to bring your own drink if you which to save money on drink.

So after settling our bill, we decide to leave. HOWEVER, before leaving a special friend came and visit us. WHO??


Basically it just drop down from the ceiling. IRONIC ryte. Even though the picture is a bit blurry but I'm glad that I manage to take it down to show it here.

SO..we panic for a moment, and we decide to call the waitress to clear this mess up. BUT, when she came she just basically swept away the cockroach. Literally SWEEP away. I was like!!! WHATTTTT!!! Too bad I didn't manage to take a video of it. No explanation was given and not even a word of apology. We are basically shocked of what had happen and we just want to leave the place as soon as possible.

So how would I rate this place.

Food: Good, except the drinks which is overpriced.
Service: OK except for that waitress.
Environment: Nice with the swing but the light inside the restaurant is to dim
Hygiene: Horrible!! Cockroach!!!

Will I go back again: NOPE!! With that cockroach in front of me. NEVER!!!


40, Jalan Siput Akek,
Taman Billion, Kuala Lumpur
56000 Wilayah Persekutuan.
Tel Number: 012-232 5662
Business Hours: 5.00pm- 12.30am


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Hi Peeps!!! Or hi to no one.

I'm back to blogspot after 4 years of inactive. From reading my previous post, I realize that I have grown up so much compare to those days. Is like seeing the younger side of me XD

Well, what prompted me to blog again?

One main reason, EXPERIENCE.

I realize that there are so many food blogs around giving good review or normal review of restaurant and cafe. Usually the comment give are good or average. However some times it may not be all. I personally had experienced numerous horrible incident at restaurant where food serve are not cooked, bad service, and dirty environment. However, I realize there are only few bloggers which blogs about these bad experience.

I realized that generally Malaysian are easily satisfied with things or sometimes we are unhappy but we tend to forget and forgive easily. Seeing that,I decided to start blogging again to share out my experience to people. Hopefully I can help others by sharing my experience here =)