Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samsung Le Fluer Mother Day Contest

Well, I am a contest person which mean I love to enter into contest especially facebook contest or radiostation contest.

During April, there's a contest organise by Samsung to celebrate the event of Mother's Day. Is about writing about how great your mother and inspirational to you and you might stand a chance to win a special edition phone and RM500 shopping voucher.

Well, usually when we enter contest we are ask to give out our personal information which includes phone number and identification card number. So whenever I decide to disclose my information to these firms I will actually be cautious and make sure that they are firms that are reliable.

So my sister decide to enter this contest and actually won the weekly prize of RM500 shopping voucher!! We are so happy and anticipating what kind of voucher that we will be getting.

So we waited for them to contact, but there have been some delay until this recent weeks they ask my sister to go to their firm to collect. It turn out to be a famous advertising firm Leo Burnett located at Wisma Olympian is the organiser for this event.

So on Monday, we went to collect the prize. I went up to their office and look for the person in charge. The person came and meet us and asked us to wait for a moment while she went in to take the prize.

WE WAITED!!! FOR 20 MINUTES!!! I'm starting to get annoyed seeing one of their employee happily playing snooker (Yeah, they have a snooker table in their office) while I haven been waiting for so LONG!!

So I went up to the receptionist and ask her to contact the PIC. Her phone is engaged and we managed to get through after a few calls. She came immediately and pass me the confirmation of receipt paper and I can leave. FOR 20 minutes I have wasted just because you are on the line. I may look like I am around 20 years old but it doesn't mean that you can ask me to wait for 20 minutes without any notice. I felt that I was seriously insulted just because I am younger but I decide not to waste any time and just leave that place immediately.

After I left, I checked what is in the envelope. It is a RM500 Salvatore Ferragamo. So we went to the nearest outlet to check and see what we can get. We already expect that we may have to fork out extra few hundred bucks to get something. But when we went it, we found out that every thing in the store is above RM1000 and the only thing you can get with RM500 is just a Ferragamo KEY CHAIN!!!


Well, nothing can be done because for contest most terms and condition is clearly stated and nothing we can do to argue with the terms set by the firm.

But this blog post is to tell the how public how deceiving contest can be. Even big company like Samsung and Leo Burnett. Is illogical to give out gift when you have to fork out extra 100% of what the gift worth to get something. For me this is a useless piece of paper. People expect to get some rewards by liking your facebook page and giving you personal information. But this type of reward? I rather you don't give me anything cause it doesn't worth at all. When you mention SHOPPING VOUCHER there is a broad definition. SO PLEASE SIGNIFY what exact voucher you want to give, branded voucher, jusco voucher or whatever. Don't mention SHOPPING voucher and give a LUXURY store voucher. You are basically wasting my time to like, comment, share, and to collect that useless piece of paper.

So to people out there are CONTEST AND SWEEPSTAKES that can win you something but you must beware of these few rules:
1. From a firm that you can really believe
2. Check what is the contest about, if it requires you to purchased then try to avoid it
3. Check what is the gift and if no detail being disclose check their terms or contact them
4. Try not to disclose your personal information if you have no confidence or you are just playing for fun
5. Don't go and select the newsletter option if you don't want to have your email full of junk
6. After the contest ended, delete the application from your facebook application settings, you don't want your facebook to be link to these account anymore.
7. Please read the terms and condition, and some firms actually allowed option where you can choose to protect your personal details.

and note to Samsung and Leo Burnett, you have really disappointed me.


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