Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gospel Camp - Escape

My monthly blog.

Gospel camp this year is something more different then the pass years.
1st of all is the speaker.
She really speak through my heart. It makes me think and it touches my heart deeply.
It also make me think that how i should respond to god.
2nd is the friend i know.
I get to know alot of new friends tat i never got to know them from the pass year camp. I also get to get closer with some church friend that i've maybe had not some close with them.
3rd is the new impression i got about ppl
Many people that I know show off their real personality. This make me change the point of view towards them. Is hard for me to accept their personality and this took me some time to 'digest' everything. It also make me understand that human have few personalities. In house, school, church and friends. Is totally different.
4th is the teamwork.
In explore race, I learn that not physical and mental is the main point of winning. Teamwork is the most important.
5th is greed
Greed is something that always in everyone heart. Temptation always come and we'll always try to fall into it.

This is a camp where I can experience not by knowledge but wat i experience with god and with friends i know.