Friday, August 16, 2013

Am I a good neighbor?

I'm back after 2 weeks of hiatus. Have been hesitating whether to update any blog post for the last two weeks due to exam and test. Well, I have still two more days to go yet I miss blogging so much that I have to blog about this.

Well, I have spoke to a few of my friend regarding issues and conflict between neighbor. So in simple english neighbor means someone living next door.

I have great neighbor. The one on my left and the one on my right have been staying there for the past 20 years and we have been living in harmony since there. One of my best friend for 15 years have also living next few doors

However, not every neighbor are friendly. I have met friendly neighbor and selfish neighbor. I would say both contrast a lot and you wished that you would never ever meet a later one. BUT, how not to meet a selfish neighbor if I myself am one.

I have been pondering this question for awhile. Christianity teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves, DO WE? I may not know what other religion teaching but I believe that all religion teach us to be good.

So I found out a list of common arguments between neighbor:
1) Car Parking (slightly blocking)
2) Design of house ( color, floor, gate)
3) Plants (silly argument ever, saying that your plants went over their line)
4) Noise
5) Somehow DON'T LIKE anyone
6) Gossip

Well I can totally understand car parking as is quite annoying to have some other people car parking infront of your house blocking. Many action have been taken and most notable one is the appearance of tong and cones. I remember when I was 10 years old and someone park in front of my house. I get so pissed that I told my mum that I will placed a tong and even draw lines.

Thinking back 10 years later, I can see how immature I am and laugh at it as if it is a joke tell by a ten years old. HOWEVER, I've seen this actually happened at my residential area. Tong and Cones have been something common but lines?? Well, white lines still okay, ORANGE LINE. I'm like what a graffiti being draw on the street.
Human are selfish!! They care only for themselves but I always believe that whatever action you have done will come back to you one day.

So treating your neighbor nice doesn't harm anyone at all. In fact it might be helpful in the future.

So just a small message I want to convey here. Know your neighbor, greet them and give them a smile =) Your life will not turn bad by doing these small act.

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