Thursday, August 6, 2015

Three Years of Undergraduate Study

I'm relieve to say that finally I have finished all the paper for my degree programme. Flashback to three years ago where I have just started my degree, the experience I have in APIIT is totally different.

I started off knowing that I am entering a university where most of the students are from all around the world which I barely from not knowing places like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan to be able to differentiate Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It is fun knowing people from all around the world where you get to know more about one culture.

I still remember when I first entered this university, many of my friends ask me why this university. At that time, my response is that I want to study forensic accounting and this is the only university which provides courses in this area. Another reason would be this is the nearest university to my house which only require a journey of 10 minutes to reached (despite that, I am still always late for classes) However, I also know that I won't be able to experience campus life like the other university. Truthfully, I've actually have times where I regretted picking this university as I know that I won't have campus life.

First year was really bad and depressed because all the modules is not what I have expected to study and it is really boring going through all the fundamentals again. It was even worse when I heard that Big 4 and MNC's rarely take students from our university and I should go to a better university for better job prospect. But I know that this is my choice and I have to bare with the choices I made. So I decided to take more initiative by joining various competition to improve myself and to expose myself. Each competition and experience has shaped me to become a different person where I get to brush up and improve my skills. Throughout this three years, I never thought that I get to have all these different experience. From interning to business challenges, presentation in front of a BFM DJ, I never thought that I would have such experience. One of the thing that I never thought is that through all these challenges I manage to secure a job opportunity with the firm that I aim to joined since I start my degree and is the specific department that I have been longing to join.

I'm so glad to have a bunch of friend to bare with me for this 3 years time. Tii Ching, Queen, Alice, Mei Jun and Xiao Huarn. All of you have made classes fun and anticipating with all the jokes and stories we shared. Even though we don't get to spend much time together but all of you are always supportive and helpful with all the encouragement given. Life is also much easier with all the support and help given by lecturer such as Ms Geetha and Ms Shubathra who constantly encourage me and push me to achieve more. Another shout out to Mr Kumaraseh, thank you for always teasing me in class and sorry for complaining in Mandarin on your writing despite we know that sir you actually understand our complaint.

God has been good to me in this three years journey especially in times where I was lost and indecisive of my future path. He was there with me through all the up and downs. I still remember when I was going through my job interview where I met an HR personnel name Wendy who actually prayed together with me prior to the job interview. He reminded me that he is with me through people around and that I should be faithful and surrender myself to him.

It is sad to say goodbye after spending three years of my time in this university. Yet I believe that there are more to come. Is time to end this chapter of life and continue with a new chapter.

Thank you for everyone for being there for this three years. Bye Bye degree life!!

PS: Hopefully I can graduate by this November "finger cross" that I would pass all the paper.