Saturday, April 4, 2009

Took of my braces liao....

Finally, after 2 years and 3months of putting braces, I finally took it out(by the dentist).

Not many people notice it at the first day, they just realise something is different about me. Somehow my new glasses also took attention away compare to my teeth. Most of the school friends doesn't realise it until someone talk about it. There's someone oso purposely sms me and ask me did i took my braces out. Hahaha

I start wearing braces in 2006 december somewhere after Christmas. When I first wear i feel uncomfortable but compare to now i feel very blank cause something tat stay with me for 2 years ++ are leaving me. During the time of wearing braces, I got a nickname from Nech which I doesn't want to mention it now. During form 2 years, everytime he saw me he will point at my teeth and shout my nickname. Erghhhhhhh....

I can't pronounce word clearly and sometime got abit 'lao fung'. Somehow this affect my speed of talking and speed of 'zat' people. There's one moment I dun really like to talk and show of my teeth with braces.

After taaking of braces, I sometime talk also like 'lao fung' like tat. I prefer to talk cantonese but somehow my friend around me start to talk Chinese with me. Even Timothy also start to speak with me in Chinese (because of Melissa).

But somehow, I got more and more people teasing my teeth without braces. When I'm talking to someone, suddenly people from far away shout at me and ask me to smile. I like very 'yun wong' like tat. Then they all just laugh. Some even call me to put braces on because they say I look different without it.

Now i'm with plastic retainer. This make me talk even more worse. More 'lao fung' especially the word with shshshshshhshs. Really make me 'si'.

Anyway thank god for not letting me met any special accident that can knock of my teeth. No painful incident happen except during I pull of the four teeth.

Braces go, glasses come......

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