Monday, April 6, 2009

Kawad Kaki


Tomorrow will be the zon bangsa kawad kaki competition......

Since last week, we have to kawad everyday for the competition. Last Friday, we even kawaded from 8.30 to 12. Today the same, but luckily today we got some urusan pakaian have to deal with so can curi tulang for 1-2 hours.

Well I'm consider as one of the take bertanggungjawab ahli of PBSM. We're told to buy the full uniform but unfortunately I think that it is a waste of money and I didn't do so. Imagine...... I only have the shirt and the skirt I still have to buy alot of thing

Hat, Pants, Gloves, Whistle, Shoe, Socks, Belt sommore or those lencana and name tag
This cost around 200++

Some more today they only give out the yuran list. Everything tambah all together oso RM100....(without the photostat cost)

Walau..... Sukan aso charge for RM10 (we only get gardenier and high 5 bread + auta mineral water), Ko-kurikulum RM8(which we need to pay yuran kelab again to the club), PIBG RM30 (which only use for gotong royong to buy paint that will be dirty again by student), Majalah Sekolah RM15 (for those editiorial board 'dai lap yeh' to S.s. only), MSSM RM4(tak tau apa), Kertas latihan RM20 (doubled the price from last year and temporarily we still need to use class fund to pay money since January till now for what we photostated), Aktive Agama/ Moral RM8 (for sumbangan of jamuan for those murid islam for dunno wat their solat), Rentokil RM5 (since when white ants is under the care of student)

So go cari my kawan 'teacher' baik in the school, Ms Sim to chit chat, ngam ngam give Ms Nee listen and she tell me go complaint to the school. I tell her if i complaint sure kena pinalize, den she say complaint again..... Complaint to jabatan... Ya ya, good idea....... Warga SMKBBSP should do that......Then we chat about exam..... Blahblahablah..... (FYI, Ms Sim is my last year science teacher but a good chemistry teacher which doesn't teach me but one of my best friend teacher in the school)

Exam coming this Saturday liao, everything become zap sang only.... My Chinese sure will be worse then the February Exam.... I think all my subject will be going down.... Mum sure will not let me involve so much in Church activities liao..... Though is not church fault beacuase First test definetely will be easiest test of the year...... No more yam cha and no more lunch after worship liao (guarantee after my result come out)

Kinda of like s.s.(syok sendiri) now...... Need to study for the exam..... Wish me luck in the kawad kaki competition(not winning but lose until nicer).....

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