Friday, April 17, 2009

Raptai Hari Anugerah Cemerlang

Tomorrow is Hari Anugerah Cemerlang liao...... Wednesday and Thursday we have rehersal for it.....
The whole thing is very cacat.
Firstly we have to sit according to the sequence that we're going to take the award.

Secondly, we rehers for 3 times and 3 times also really cacat.

Thirdly, 4H and 4G students got exam on Thursday but they don't let them take their exam and Pn Tan say, ' Semua tak boleh balik, mesti ikut raptai, kita hanya tunggu kamu sahaja....' swt.... I sit there for half an hour and she just sit there dunno 'mong leh mong hei'....

There's something i've to complaint. Is about the school song. According to Mr. Yap Wai Lun, the old cd is 'fa' adi and they have no backup. Then they ask someone to play it and record it.... The someone play it and recorded it but it she play it wif only one hand and without left hand accompanyment. So ended up really k yeng.

So Wednesday that day, I dunno go 'sot' two time and go and improvise a version of school song. Very de k yeng and the key a little bit high. But i very 'mun jok' jor. Who want to listen my 'chui sui' school song can ask me..... But don't put it on perhimpunan scare got people laugh...... Hahahaha.... S.S.

My sejarah only got 66 for this time. Compare to last time..... Mou joi gong jor lah.. But very 'mun jok' adi cause i didn't put in any afford so i accept the result.

GA is tomorrow liao. And I also haven't gau tim thinking leh.... OMG.... Daniel Mok mana kamu.... If u don't plan hou ge wah i jau dai wok jor lah.....

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