Monday, July 6, 2009


This few day sick jor.....

It start from last week. Didn't get enough sleep. Then on Friday suddenly got fever. During afternoon time eat to panadol then at night after tuition also eat panadol again.

Then morning still need to wake up for the Chinese Society Singing Competition. Feel nervous and sick. Mushroom say i shake my whole hand during the singing. So nervous until 'po yam'. OMG!!! I feel that it going to pop jor but no choice have to pop it out until i also feel 'hak dou'.

I didn't think that I'll masuk final and I don't feel like masuk final. Then when the result come out I don't feel that happy as I really should. Maybe I'm scared for the finals gua. Congrats to Kha Mun, Pei Shan, Siew Ping, Tee Yen for going in to the final. Monkey you sing very good on that day just maybe to nervous gua. Gambateh next year.

Back to the sick thing, during the 'po yam' that part my throat very pop. So pain. Come down from the stage and drink Hung Jeng whole bottle of water. Sorry ya.

Afternoon go to eco tuition class then go TU. During TU that time my whole head like going to burst like tat. Wah then go back and sleep until 9 something.

Sunday more worst go eat Pizza Hut for lunch..... OMG!!!!

Today go see doctor. So scared is H1N1 or dengue. Luckily doctor say just throat infection, alot of white spot on the throat. LOL....

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