Thursday, July 2, 2009

Micheal Jackson And Farah Fawcett

Well I believe that the entertainment industry give us surprises again...

Our pop king Mr. MJ and charlie angel farah fawcett have passed away on the same day..

Pop king MJ...

Famous for his moonwalk...
The first time i see his picture is after his plastic surgery. I still remember that i thought that it was some kind of alien when i 1st saw his face. That time i think i was only kindergarten. When i'm in primary school, i always use his picture to scared my sister.

Now that he's gone, I feel sorry for him. I admire his talent but only after he is passed away.

Around 12 of his fans commit suicide because of his death.

Is that worth it? How will MJ feel when he's alive?

I admire Farrah Fawcett strength. Even though she's having cancer, she still live strongly. She stand out and ask everyone to live strongly and don't give up on life.

On one day we lost both scuh wonderful people.

Something I learn from both of them.

Life is short but yet it can be meaningful.

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